What a September!


A fruitful PhD workshop in Italy

Guten Morgen Leute, letzte Monat habe Ich....sorry :) last month I participated in a joint workshop of the University of Padova (ICEA and the Technical University of Hamburg ( The workshop was held in Padova at the ICEA department. 

I graduated from the University of Padova with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and I worked on my bachelor thesis for 5 month in the ICEA department under the supervision of Dr. Fabio Gabrieli (for the brave people, here there is the link to the paper conference). I must say that was very nice and exiting to be back where I started my academic carrier and to present our project INFRASTAR. Beside the technical topic, I was very curious to meet other PhD students from different environments. Plus I hoped for maybe receiving some good advice on how to face different challenges from the older PhDs :).
Prof. Paolo Simonini and Dr. Francesca Ceccato (hosts of this workshop) arranged it in order to…

Let's get started

Benvenuti und Guten Tag!
On my blog I would like you to let you have an insight to what my experience as a PhD of the Marie-Curie Horizon 2020 Program INFRASTAR is like. You’ll learn about how I’m contributing to optimizing wind turbine foundations (if all goes well :)) and which steps I’m taking to reach this goal. So far, I’ve been having an exciting time meeting lots of interesting people, visiting new places and settling in Berlin, where I’m placed for My PhD.

When I found out about this position I was very enthralled, because it comprised exactly what I hoped for in terms of how I wanted to follow my career. The focus was set on soil-structure interaction of wind turbine foundations, a field which I’m intrigued by and already researched in my master’s degree. Moreover, in this programme the EU aims at advancing low-carbon technology by connecting scientific research and private companies, which helps focussing on relevant topics.

I am from a little town called Teolo located in th…